Makes great Expresso. Only problem is that the little rubber piece that froths the milk, is missing if you like it au lait. All you have to do is call Nespresso and order a new one. It s less than $10. I never ordered one bc I have another machine. Originally $450. one steal of a deal!
Oversized tea cups and saucersPurchased in England and never used. Paid $115 for both. Making room for more stuff I don t need
Desktop air conditioner looks yellow but it s white. Like new! Works great.
Brand New. Bought thi and haven't used it. Now we are moving and can't take with us. First come - no holds.
Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue 1 is EXACTLY what wine lovers NEED! State of the art technology pulls and releases corks with a press of a button. Flip it over to remove oxygen automatically,preserving your unfinished bottle of wine for up to A WEEK. Blue action light shines when in use and when charging. It functions up to 8 hours on a single charge. Condition: NEW Original price: $45 Brand: Win...
J germeister beer mug with SEVEN shot glasses! 1999-2000 A new Millenium Jagerfest. This is a steal, don t pass on it! Online You can only get TWO of these shot glasses for $20 so this is definitely a phenomenal deal. Perfect for a gift or for the house.