40 minutes agoCastle Rock, CO+19 milesItems Wanted
Hello Everybody... My little one's and I are looking for a food dehydrator. Please, let us know if you have one you no longer need; it would really make our day! I hope you're enjoying very beautiful day!
8 hours agoArvada, CO+13 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a children's dresser. My granddaughter is due any day and she doesn't have any place to put the clothes so that's what I'm looking for. Thank you in advance.
11 hours agoThornton, CO+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a child's dresser. My granddaughter is due any day and she doesn't have a dresser. Thank you in advance.
11 hours agoThornton, CO+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for clippings of/or whole houseplants. My (Phil)odendron is rather lonesome. If anyone is willing to share that would be so nice. I d love a spiderplant, peace lily, jade, Chinese evergreen or anything. Please and thank you in advance. I can pick up of course.
15-Jan-2019Arvada, CO+13 milesItems Wanted
I need to film myself and I was hoping someone had one they weren't using.
Does anyone have a recent-ish GMAT prep/practice book? I would love to come and pick it up if you don't need it anymore! Thank you!
13-Jan-2019Aurora, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
I create hats,scarves,mittens, and throw blankets for the homeless in our community. I also create small pillows and blanets for babies/children in our local hospital. I can ALWAYS use spare fabric,yarn, or any craft items. I can pick up or you can drop on my door step.
11-Jan-2019Castle Rock, CO+19 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a CD player or boombox to use for CD's. Thanks!
disable person looking for used refrigerator energy star some assistance with delivery wil be appreciated ( if possible )
11-Jan-2019Denver, CO+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking to make a DIY project - please help out if possible!
10-Jan-2019Denver, CO+8 milesItems Wanted
Hi there! I'm looking for a full body mirror. I will appreciate any help. Thank you!
8-Jan-2019Denver, CO+8 milesItems Wanted
Just need a basic sewing machine for repairs, and very simple projects. If you have one you don't use and it is just taking up space, I'd be happy to use it. Thanks.
8-Jan-2019Aurora, CO+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a dinning set table for a 4person seating! thanks!
7-Jan-2019Parker, CO+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for larger piece of new carpet, no specific color. Perhaps you have leftover from a recent carpet upgrade? Happy to take it off your hands! Thank you! ~Suzanne
6-Jan-2019Castle Rock, CO+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for yarn to make charity projects. Currently I am making hats for the American Heart Association for heart health awareness month. After that I will be making hats for child abuse awareness. I crochet 24/7 & donate 99% of it to charity, so donated yarn is always welcomed!
6-Jan-2019Denver, CO+8 milesItems Wanted
Hey Everyone, I'm looking for acrylic display shelving, preferably J type; the kind with the little lip that's used to display spices, paints, nail polish, etc. .(it doesn't have to be very wide, but the longer the better; I'm using it to store/display acrylic paints for an artist in his shop so he can find everything quickly). If you have any, or know a business that's getting rid of any, plea...